I started this blog seven years ago, when I was 28. That was a decade after my diagnosis with Bipolar One.

I never fully committed to blogging because I was fearful that someone would find out my real identity. Fearful that I would become defined by a disease rather than my other accomplishments.

Now I am 35. I work a full-time job. I have great relationships. I live a (relatively) stable life. Bipolar disorder does not define me.

Nonetheless, bipolar disorder is a part of who I am. It’s something that I have to manage every single day.

It’s also something I’m not able to talk about with anyone other than a few close friends and my doctor.

It’s what I call a “lonely disease.”

With this blog, I hope to connect with others who share my experiences and offer support to those who may be in a darker place than I am right now. I hope to build up a community of likeminded individuals, so we can all be a little less lonely.

Contact me: yourbipolargirl[at]gmail.com


This site is not meant to offer health information or medical advice—for that, please consult your doctor. I am not a health professional. This is just my perspective.

This blog is anonymous because I’m not ready to connect my professional persona with such a stigmatized disorder. I do hope that, someday, I’ll be able to come out of the closet.



13 thoughts on “About

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    • Wow–thank you so much for this comment, and this nomination. It means a great deal, especially right now, as I battle that inner critic telling me to stop writing. So glad the blog is encouraging to you … your support is extremely encouraging for me, and your insights into writing and life on your blog have been a great read. I look forward to reading your future posts!


  2. I’m glad I found your blog and thanks for checking out mine (http://hexpat.wordpress.com), I’m always looking to make new connections and share “survival” strategies and war stories. Please feel free to share any of my content with your readers and to get in touch with me if you like whenever you need a friend
    kind regards!


  3. everything you have written in your blog is exactly me, i love it- that you can put how im feeling into words because its sometimes so hard to understand yourself.
    im new to bloggin so not sure how to follow yours and then how you follow mine, can u give me some basic instructions please xxx thanks lou x


  4. I, too, have bipolar disorder, although mine is either type II or rapid cycle (not entirely sure which). I got diagnosed at 21 and had to drop out of college for a semester to get a handle on it.

    If nothing else, just know that you’re not alone. There are lots of us, sometimes out in the open, sometimes lurking in shadows, sometimes hiding in plain sight.

    Drop by my blog sometime.


    I’ll continue to check out yours. Take care of yourself!

    – Brandon G.
    brandon at pulpexplosion dot com


    • Hi Brandon, I just happened to stumble across your comment – I too am in the process of dropping out of school (at almost 21) due to my bipolar. I’m really interested in talking to you about your experience if I can. You can reach me on hannaholiviamartin@live.com – I hope to hear from you.


  5. Hey there – I came across your bipolar blog and it’s so great to see someone else out there helping to eliminate the stigma and silence associated with this illness.

    I myself have bipolar, and I’m currently writing a book on it. “Now I Know My Father: A Story of Bipolar, Suicide and Hope” is my memoir of growing up with my bipolar father, losing him to suicide, and my own struggles with the illness.

    I’m looking for other people who are struggling with bipolar and who have blogs, so we can trade links and keep in touch. We’ve got a growing community and a voice that’s gaining strength every day.

    Please check out my blog at darknessandlight.us and let me know if you think we may be able to trade links.


    Carrie Cantwell


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