How to Get Unstuck in an Hour

I’m stuck right now. Creatively. Mentally. Emotionally. Physically. I can’t seem to write anything worthwhile. Every word in this blog post already strikes me as unintelligent—and I’m about 10 words in.

Creative paralysis strikes me when my mood is low. These past few days, I’ve struggled to get out of bed and come to work and feel excited about anything. I can’t stop judging, envying, criticizing. I focus on all of the people who have achieved more than I have even though I know this is a recipe for disaster.

As stuck as I may feel, I’m committed to getting unstuck.

This morning, I opened up my bullet journal, and I thought about one project that I can’t seem to make progress on, which is this blog. I wrote down: “Finish Blog Post.”

And then I scheduled one hour to complete this task.

The task was not “finish amazing blog post.”

The task was not “write inspiring blog post.”

The task was simply to finish something in one hour and publish it, despite knowing it would be far from perfect and possibly shitty.

In journalism school, one of my favorite professors would tell me, “Better done than perfect.” He watched as I’d write and rewrite the lead of an article only to waste so much time striving for perfection I could barely meet my deadline.

The only way I know how to get unstuck is to finish something. Anything. Today, it’s a blog post.

Feeling stuck? Take one hour —or if you don’t have an hour, ten minutes, five minutes! —out of your day and do something, anything, from start to finish.

Check off that box on your to do list. And then give yourself permission to enjoy the accomplishment. Rinse and repeat.

The small steps matter.


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