Check Marks

IMG_2322Jerry Seinfeld famously motivated himself to write every day by hanging a calendar on his wall and checking off each day he managed to sit down and write.

I love this concept, and because I’m a little obsessed with my iPhone and all things Apple, I’ve started to implement this system using an app called Goal Streaks to track the progress I am making on various priorities. There are plenty of other free and less expensive apps that have the same functionality.

By default, we often focus on tasks that feel immediate: answering emails, running errands, cleaning the house. It can be hard to zoom out and remember what’s really important to us when we’re looking at a sink filled with dirty dishes.

Which is why there’s something very powerful about having a visual reminder of your priorities, somewhere, to reference. For me, the act of meditating every day is something I know will help make me a better friend, employee, daughter, sister. And so it makes the list.

What are you trying to remember every day in 2015?

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5 thoughts on “Check Marks

  1. What a great idea! Thank you for sharing.

    I have bipolar and have been looking for a good mood-tracking app but haven’t found one that I really like.

    But I realized when reading your post that what I have been looking for is a way so track my progress over more than just a day or two. This app sounds very helpful for that.

    I’m sure I will use the app for more than mood balancing goals, but I’m glad I’ve found another way to track goals.


  2. Meditation is something crucial to my feeling of well being, wholeness and finding my center. Some days I don’t do it, but that is above all else and most days I do. Movement is another component I am lacking enough of and need to do more. It’s just getting outside then I feel great about it. The elliptical hasn’t seen me in a year. Just perhaps?…


    • Thanks for the comment—I too need to focus more on movement. Today I ran a ton of errands and walked around the city, and even just that walking between stores and the subway helps me!

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