We can’t always follow our own rules

I am applying for a new job this week and the preparation has me up way past midnight.

I am pretty vigilant about not losing sleep unless it’s necessary. In this case the opportunity to possibly get this job outweighs the risk because I know I will catch up.

I do miss the days before my diagnosis when staying up all night was no big deal. I know I will have to recover with a nap after work tomorrow. Sleep is essential for my well-being. It just is. I just pray I can get to sleep soon(logging off my phone after I publish this quick post will help!) and, if you are reading this because you’re up late, whoever you are out there, I wish you a good night’s rest.


7 thoughts on “We can’t always follow our own rules

  1. I put away the light box, might make my cataracts worse. guess I mentioned it in your blog as a hint that maybe the change of seasons is affecting you already. it can hit me earlier than I once thought. so I didn’t say what I really wanted to say. that weekends are for recharging and doing what you want, or to see where the day takes you. sounded like your sunday ended up just fine.
    you have a way of writing that made me care about you right from the first paragraph. so can I blame you for my motherly concern? (i’m 61) what? up to midnight? oh dear!


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