Napping in August

The sauna-like heat that usually steams the garbage up from the sidewalks of New York City and makes me gag has been particularly pleasant this summer. I think it was in the 70s. Not humid. Breezy. I slept until after 10 this morning and took the cross-town bus to visit my nephew around noon. After brunch, I had every reason to stroll through the park, visit a museum, read a book. But my family isn’t really the kind of group that basks in the outdoors. We went back to my sister’s house, and I sat on the couch with my father showing him how to find his Hotmail on his iPad. Within a little while, I was tired. My mother, always perceptive and wanting me to get my rest, encouraged me to lie down.

I curled up on my sister’s bed, and I slept for not one, not two, not three, but four hours. No one in my family bothered me. It was a glorious nap. A chocolate soufflé of naps: indulgent and warm. In the past, I would have woken up from a nap like that and felt angry with myself for wasting the day, for being lazy. I got eight hours of sleep last night: what business did I have sleeping al that time today? Now I’ve come to realize that I need the extra sleep. That sleep is not for the week. That it’s OK if I, if you, if anyone needs a four hour nap in the middle of an August day. So what if I didn’t go to the park. I got to recharge for four hours.


4 thoughts on “Napping in August

  1. Hi BPGirl! I love your nap story, and I heartily agree. We tend to beat ourselves up for not being productive 24/7, and end up stressed and anxious about it. Today I did the same, although not in as luxurious a way. I took 20 minutes after lunch, lay out on the divan in the sun, and closed my eyes. It took a while to calm down. It’s not coming naturally to me anymore like it did when I was younger. I have to work at relaxing! My mantra is sometimes, “I’m Alive!” (inhale) “Thank you!” (exhale). I like it, and today it helped me let go and unwind step by step, breath by breath. The tumultuous thoughts that never seem to get tired wound down and I started to feel the sunshine do its magic.

    It was a short one, and I would have liked it to be longer, because I know I’m exhausted and need more sleep, BUT it was a step in the right direction, and I applaud you for giving yourself permission to do what you need to do. Good job! The park can wait :)


    • Thanks so much for your comment! Relaxing was harder for me today than it was yesterday … your mantra seems helpful :)


  2. bravo! we collect critical even cruel voices from a very early age. and it can be a daily job confronting them for our own best interests. it’s a hard and continuous job for some. odd that it can be a hard and continuous job to show kindness for oneself, but not impossible if one works at it.


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