Hey, It’s OK …

I don’t like to think about myself as someone with “special needs,” but I do have to acknowledge that when I am suffering from depression or a very low mood, I’m not at the top of my game.

Today, my mantra is, “It’s OK.”

In other words, on days like today, when just getting out of bed felt like a victory, it is OK …

—to drink iced coffee instead of green tea.
—to skip yoga.
—to watch Orange Is The New Black instead of reading The New Yorker.
—to feel sad.
—to write half a journal entry.
—to “wash” my face with a Neutrogena cleansing towelette.
—to eat rice pudding for dinner … in my bed.

It’s all OK because on these days that I’m so programmed to criticize myself, I know that it’s so much more important to practice self-compassion and just do what I need to do to get to tomorrow.

What are you “OK with” today?



One thought on “Hey, It’s OK …

  1. I’m in a good place right now but I wanted to say that it’s impressive to read one of those posts that you know it would have been far easier to not write. Nice work, seriously. Remembering to be kind to myself is a strategy that I’m still learning.

    All the best,


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