Version Control: Bipolar Human Edition

When you’re writing something, It’s always a good idea to have  some kind of version control–the ability to manage changes and revision–because you want to know that you can always go back to where you started.

Right now, as I’ve said in the past, I feel like I am an ever-evolving version of myself. And this week the changes have come on too fast.  Over the weekend, I was energized and happy. Now it’s Wednesday evening, and I feel I’ve lost all of that. I feel tired, frustrated, and lonely for no good reason other than knowing that I’ve turned into the more frustrated version of myself.

Emotions are like this for everyone in the sense that one day you’re happy and the next day you might be sad. But what I am talking about is a more fundamental change of self: a sense that I’ve completely transformed from a person able to feel joy to someone only capable of understanding pain.


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