How Much Should a Mental Health Blogger Reveal to the World?

The reason I write this blog anonymously is that it allows me to be honest about my own mental health.

It’s not that I’m embarrassed about bipolar disorder. It’s that,  as Coca Cola states in their social media policy: the internet is permanent.  

That means that we don’t have the luxury of incinerating the proverbial diary after it’s written.

And so we  bare our souls and write what is in our hearts, but our truth in this moment may not be our truth tomorrow. Which is why honesty is a dangerous endeavor on the internet. We like to judge and define people by what comes up in a Google search.

And I’m not yet ready to reveal my mental illness to the world.

This is why I have so much respect for those mental health bloggers and writers who do identify themselves. Melody Moezzi is  one of these fearless individuals. So is Therese Bouchard.

But I have to mention one thing that may seem ridiculous to you: both of these women have husbands.

Why does this matter?

Because I don’t have a husband. I long to find my life partner. The last thing I need is to have a guy go home after a date  to Google stalk me,  then read all I’ve written here.

My future partner will have to accept this blog, my bipolar disorder, all me. I just don’t want it to be one of the first things he learns.

And if that’s a little dishonest, so be it.

This post was inspired by’s Daily Writing Prompt.


9 thoughts on “How Much Should a Mental Health Blogger Reveal to the World?

  1. Nice post. I the idea of being anonymous. Right, it gives you freedom. I should make myself anonymous I think I’d like that. As far as being bi-polar or rather having a bi-polar condition reminds of a saying…Rosanne Rosanna Dana, “It’s allllways something.” Everyone has some thing to deal with.


    • Thanks for your comment and for reading! I go back and forth about how I feel about anonymity these days. I wish I could just be more open, but it’s true that this platform affords me a kind of freedom I wouldn’t have otherwise.


  2. as a fellow mostly anonymous bipolar blogger, I agree with you entirely. As excited as I am to work towards ending stigma and creating a community of those living with bipolar, I don’t want bipolar to be the be-all and end-all of what defines me. I’m so many things besides just bipolar. I also find the anonymity helps me to be more honest and provocative with what I write. Glad to have found you through #BraveChat!!


    • Thanks so much for this encouragement. I sometimes even struggle because I have fear I’m going to log into one of my “bipolar” accounts and someone in my life–at work or family–will find out. It’s not a matter of embarrassment as it is what you say … i’m more than just bipolar. Other people have trouble understanding. And I too am hoping anonymity will help me … I certainly write much faster this way. Great to have found you on #bravechat too!


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  6. You are doing just fine, just keep at it, taking your time…things will work themselves out…try and find or seek out potential mates with characteristics that please you and soothe you. One time I had a very profound statement spoken to me, by a group therapist at a workshop where loneliness and being single was the topic at hand.
    He said that in order to find the man I need or basically my would feed my soul the spiritual food it needs and mine for him in return, I must first work on myself mentally, getting into a state of self love and appreciation. I found this to be impossible!!!
    So…In search of answers pertaining to my questions on personal growth, I headed to the local Barnes & Noble. I was recommended the author Louise Hay by my own personal therapist. She spoke so very highly of Louise that I just had to check her out! Once I made it to the self help section, and found her name on the sides of her works, I then picked up one of her most famous creations…”You Can Heal You Life”. I was so shocked that a book like that was so easy to read (as I hate boring books with tiny letters etc) with beautiful, very artistic and appealing art on every page! I flipped through and became hooked right then in the book store! So, I obviously bought the book, took it home and read a few pages a day. Nothing too hard. That’s where my self-healing begin.
    Also, I am by no means ‘cured’ as I don’t think anyone ever is…its a journey and loving oneself requires daily work for life…its not hard…I just mean like positive self talk in the mirror or silently as you go throughout your day.
    We have to reprogram our minds that have been brushed my the negativity today’s world and society. Sorry to turn my comment into a blog, ahaha!!! Just, maybe make a ‘love list’ of what you want in a man, and dwell on it…and research ‘the love list’ as well…you may like what you find ;) Below:
    -i did this. He’s in the other room <3 Best of luck!!! -Mandi


    • Thanks so much for this, Mandi! Such great advice … I do believe in the power of these lists. You gave me just the inspiration I need to work on mine. Can’t wait to go read this article now. <3


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