It Gets Better for Us Too

I have so much admiration for the It Gets Better Project. If for some reason you’ve been living under a rock and have missed it, this is the viral video-turned-movement from Dan Savage meant to educate LGBT youth on all they have to look forward to beyond any bullying, questioning, or suffering they may be experiencing now.

When you have a mental health condition like bipolar disorder, this issues are different, but the mantra still applies.

As I think back tonight on the hospitalizations and the shifting medication regimen and all of the pain and uncertainty in my life and compare to now–I have to say that it does get better. Or, I’ll qualify that statement to say: with the right resources and support, it gets better. Of course, statistics still reveal difficult truths about how more than 25 percent of us will try to commit suicide in our lifetimes; about how it reduces the lifespan by 9 years.

But you are more than a statistic. And so am I. Today, and for over a decade, I have been a healthy person who manages moods. And with that, I can without hesitation tell anyone who is suffering right now as I once did:

it gets better.


2 thoughts on “It Gets Better for Us Too

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  2. I woke up and read this early today, having put it in a safari window on my phone just waiting to do so. This was the exact right time for me to hear this. I’m having a very difficult time in an anxiety ridden mania cycle, struggling to start my first week of grad school and be an active wife and mother. Thank you very very much for your honesty and encouragement. Your words are spot on.


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