What’s in a Blog Name?

Part of the reason, I’m coming to understand, that I have struggled to keep this blog updated, is because I titled the site “your bipolar girl” on a whim years ago, and it’s a cartoonish name that doesn’t really encompass me or all of the things I want to talk about. Yes, I have bipolar disorder. Yes, I am a woman. (I used “girl” when I named the blog because it sounded better than “bipolar woman.” Also, I may have been hate-watching an episode Gossip Girl at the manic inception of this blog.)

What tends to happen, because of the way I framed the blog when I set it up, is that like the diary you only write in when you’re sobbing and have no where else to turn, this blog became my outlet for the things about bipolar disorder I didn’t feel I could say to anyone without being stigmatized or judged. I still do want to say whatever those things may be here in these posts, but there are other things I want to say as well. I want to explain all of the things I’ve figured out over the years. I want to talk about other parts of my life that may not be directly related to bipolar disorder, but cannot help but be informed by it because it’s part of who I am.

And one of the main things I want to emphasize here on this site is that I’ve learned to manage this disease to be just a part of my life, not the central part of my life. “Your bipolar girl” suggest that bipolar disorder is what defines me.  I’d like to suggest that while we need to evolve to a society where we don’t need to hide our disease from others, we also need not be defined by it.

In light of all of this, I’m in the process of thinking about what the name of this blog should be. And I really don’t know yet. I have ideas about well-being, balance, moods, the brain, general health. For now, I think I’m going to not worry too much about it–wait until the new title finds me.

If anyone is reading this and feels like there’s a reason I should keep this name or has suggestions for others, leave them in the comments please!


16 thoughts on “What’s in a Blog Name?

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  2. Keep the name! It’s a good one. I clicked on it because I am bipolar. I imagine you started this blog for your own reasons, not for others to accept you. I imagine YOU needed an outlet to be free, and a place to call your own, where no one else could blame, criticize, or judge you. I say this because that is what I have done on many occasions when in my high. I have my own blog that I started to say what ever the hell I want to, when I want to, because I became exhausted from not being able to just say what I needed to. Granted my blog is undeveloped (not a whole lot of posts), however it makes me feel good to know that I have an outlet. Good luck in your decision.


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  4. I think TriplePolar would be appropriate, perhaps? Bipolar with a side of life!

    I love your idea! I am definitely IN and would love to talk about life, love, stress, and lessons learned. I think that the bipolar does define us when we are in those despondent moods, so a place like this serves a wonderful purpose. Most of us feel that way for a short time, but then we bounce back, joining the masses…forgetting about our dramatic moods as quickly as they came and went. So, I can see how neglecting this blog could happen very easily. No need to really talk about bipolar issues if they aren’t present.

    I would love to read and participate in a blog written by bipolar girl, for bipolar girls! I don’t want it to define me, either, and I have a void in my life of steady friendships because of IT. This just might lead me into a direction to fill that void. If anyone else can relate, then I am in the right place~


    • I really like TriplePolar–nice name! I’m still thinking about changing it and whether or not I really want to, especially now that you’re saying you think the name is OK and you kind of identify with it (AND you are my age) … I do think you are right about the fact that bipolar disorder defines us when we are in “those moods.” And I also love the idea of having other people participate in the blog. I need to think about how to make that work and first see if I can like sustain posting on this thing for more than a week :) Please keep posting in the comments for now because reading insights like these are what keeps me going, and I am thrilled to hear that the blog is helping you as well.


  5. I agree blog names are hard. It’s interesting because I too felt like my blog name wasn’t quite right. Sure I liked it… but was it perfect? I dunno. If this helps, your name led me to you. And I’m glad it did. I believe everything happens for a reason and I believe you and are wee supposed to encounter each other. So here we are.
    What entices me to you is that I’m interested to read the blogs coming from the mind of someone battling bipolar disorder. My father had bipolar disorder (2) and tried to manage it with Lithium for 30 years. My mother left me and my brother (8 years older than me) with my father when I was about 6 (the first time that is)… then she came back and left again when I was 8 and the cycle repeated itself for the last time when I was 10. I was always told that my dad was “sick”, but I didn’t know what that meant. I felt I was being lied to because he seemed perfectly fine to me. A little animated some days and a little depressed others, but he didn’t seem sick as an 8 year old would think that to mean.
    Anyway, I think blog names will over time seem unfitting because you change as a person as time goes on. I think if you let it be, it will be interesting down the road to look back and remember what it was like at the time you chose that blog name. Maybe you will see progress or meaning behind your journey from then to now?
    I’m interested to get to know you and look forward to reading your posts :)


    • Wow–thanks so much for your comment and for sharing some of your story and how you found the blog. You are probably right that any blog name would seem unfitting over time, and that maybe “letting it be” is the best thing.

      Thanks again, and so glad you’ll be reading. :)


  6. Fair enough that you want to change the name of your blog to better reflect you and what you intend to write about. Honestly, I can’t think of any suggestions but what I can say is that eventually it will come to you. I am in the process of trying to name a new blog I intend to write (non-anonymous, nothing to do with bipolar disorder) and I am really struggling to come up with something!


    • Good luck with naming your blog too, and thanks for understanding the struggle… (I love “The Bipolar Project,” as a name, by the way!)


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