Dealing with the diagnosis

I remember a time when I felt like the bipolar diagnosis was everything.  It felt like this would affect the rest of my life, like this was something that really would mean I would be defined as a ‘bipolar person’ forever.  And even though the title of this blog belies this idea, what has come to pass is that I do not feel confined or defined by this diagnosis as much as it is something that I have very much learned to live with.

If you take good care of yourself, then you will be able to manage your medications and your moods. It may get tough–very tough–at times. But contrary to some of the articles I see published time and again about bipolar folks and suicide, it is possible to live a normal, healthy life with this disease.  I am living proof of this, and I know I’m not the only person walking around who can say, “I have bipolar disorder but I’m also healthy.”


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