Medication Change: Seroquel Break

With my doctor’s permission, I am going to try to go off Seroquel for the next few days. I have been taking only 25 mg, which I realize is a VERY small amount (I sometimes increase this to 75mg if I am getting manic and need to come down); however, I am sleeping far too much the past couple weeks.  Over 9 hours.  I know that sleeping is not a bad thing, per se.  But I have a job.  I need to wake up in the morning.

My whole life, I have struggled with the mornings.  But I do think that even this small a dosage of Seroquel induces a little Seroquel-hangover in me.  So I am going to not take it tonight and see what happens.

Note: I realize that this post contradicts a post I wrote a few posts ago that embraced sleep as medicine. I do believe this to be true. But I also am a victim of societal pressures, still.  I don’t want to sleep so much that I feel lazy.  If I could get just 9 hours and not OVER 9 hours (I slept 9 hours and 45 minutes last night!!), I think I would be OK with myself.


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