I just spent an hour organizing my pills. It’s quite a production. I’d had everything in a shoe box, and somehow all the bottles spilled into a total mess.  Now everything is in its place, and I have six weeks where I don’t have to do anything but open a little plastic box and pop away. Every time I do this, I think–where will I be four, five, six weeks from now?

Here’s a rundown of the recently reduced cocktail: Depakote (500mg), Seroquel (25mg-75mg); Topomax(100mg); Wellbutrin (150mg); Lunesta (1mg–sometimes); Xanax (can’t remember the mg … sometimes).


4 thoughts on “Pills

  1. i am just like you.i hate bipolar.my 8 year old son is bipolar to.its crazy tring to live tring to b ok,but then u gotta take care of one just like you. lol


  2. You write eloquently and beautifully. I completely understand the ‘just don’t wanna take seroquel anymore’ feeling.
    Please be gentle with yourself.


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