Sleep the mania away

It annoys me that I need as much sleep as I do. I blame it on the Seroquel, but then when I don’t take the Seroquel, I start to lose it (like I did this weekend).  I ended up taking enough Seroquel Saturday night to launch me into 12 hours of sleep into Sunday, but now today I had to wake up at 7 a.m. and it’s almost 9 p.m. and I’m about to collapse.  Because I’m so tired, I want to skip the Seroquel tonight so I can be sure to not feel groggy tomorrow, but then this viscious cycle starts again.  If I didn’t have bipolar disorder and if I slept less, I could be so much more productive, it seems.  For now, I will get into bed to make sure I sleep the mania away.


One thought on “Sleep the mania away

  1. Seroquel is tough stuff. My spouse takes that. Along with a couple other meds to help manage her bipolar depression. I always encourage her to take it even if she doesn’t think she needs it. We can always tell the difference in cycles: when she is on the up swing… not even Seroquel brings sleep. When she in on the down swing, works well with the Trazodone. These mental health challenges are so complex! :-/


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