Bipolar Tip #1

teaAssuming someone will start reading this blog at some point, I’m going to start offering tips for bipolar folks out there, based on my own experience and research.

Tip #1.

Caffeine fucks with the bipolar brain; avoid it in its most concentrated iterations (coffee) if you can.

This is because caffeine can induce mania.  It interrupts sleep.  It leads to insomnia, and not sleeping in turn leads to mania. I’ve actually switched to Chai tea because I’ve found that I like it as much as coffee, it gives me a morning kick, and it doesn’t keep me up at night.

So embrace tea.  Switch to decaf. Try it.

Your brain will thank you.

[image from nino.modugno via flickr]


One thought on “Bipolar Tip #1

  1. You’re right. Caffeine does fuck with you. My pcyshiatrist has told me on so many occassions not to have any form of caffience, but when you’re hypomanic, I guess it’s okay.

    Hypomania can be fun, and caffeine just makes it more fun.

    Mania on caffeine is the absolute worst. You can’t sleep even if you want to.


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