This New Show Can’t Be Good For Bipolar Folks

TCA 2008 BOOKLET ARTSaw a clip from the show because Liz Spikol posted to her site. I can’t help but feel uneasy about a show that glamorizes a woman who doesn’t take her medication and turns her into a spectacle, a reason to laugh. It makes me uneasy; the comment in Slate that she’s probably bipolar drives me nuts:

In the press materials, the show’s medical consultant writes that the over-the-top nature of the personalities indicates that Tara might also suffer from bipolar disorder. T, for instance, is so air-humpingly hypersexual that you suspect you’re witnessing a manic episode every time she’s out in the world.  –Troy Patterson,

So now “air-humpingly hypersexual” equals bipolar? Why is it OK to write this about bipolar people?

Yes, I do experience the symptom of “hypersexuality” when I’m manic. But sorry, haven’t felt like humping air lately.



2 thoughts on “This New Show Can’t Be Good For Bipolar Folks

  1. thanks! i hadn’t realized that. interesting that they seem to be writing her up as someone who has chosen to be off her meds as opposed to suffering from a disease not well-treated by them.


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