manic makeup

mac-eyeWhen I get manic, I get obsessed with makeup. These past few weeks, it’s been eyeshadow.  I can’t get enough of dark shadow and heavy liner.

Another symptom of the mania is that I become obsessed with doing the things I’m obsessed with as precisely and perfectly as possible. After the spending spree at Sephora, I started watching these tutorials on Now I can’t get enough of her. I love how earnest she is. I love how she says things like, “I’m not being a MAC snob, but you need to get this 217 brush,” and that convinces me that, indeed, at 217 brush from MAC may change my life.

“Hope in a jar.” That’s what my mom always says about makeup. For me, the minute my brain starts buzzing with activity, I’m ready to line my eyes and coat my lashes and go out into the world painted in brighter colors so that people will look my way.


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