Is a symptom of mania talking about mania? Losing my filter…

Normally, I don’t tell people I’m bipolar because I don’t want to be judged, because it’s irrelevant, because I know it’s something they won’t necessarily understand.  But these days, I want to broadcast it to the world. Even though this blog is anonymous, my wanting to start writing it again is, I suppose, an extension of this tendency.

I’ve lost my filter.


5 thoughts on “Is a symptom of mania talking about mania? Losing my filter…

  1. Hello.

    Gabriel is right. When I set up my blog I was advised by several people not to use my name. I had been other bloggers sites, and they just referred to me as “S” or “SS”. I used my first name, without thinking I need to change it. All mail goes to my cats Gmail account, and only if I trust you would I write back on my other account with my surname.

    All was fine to about 2 weeks ago when two bloggers accidently used my surname. Bloggers with a lot of hits… family does not want the world to know I am bipolar and the stuff I write about candidly bothers them like you wouldn’t believe.

    so now I am at a crossroads, being semi outed. Do I out myself all the way? I kinda have already by going on Facebook.


    Keep up the good writing and Gabriel gave you some sagacious advice. I haven’t read him in a while. I should again.

    -Susan S.


  2. Thanks for the advice: the problem I had when I started this blog the first time was not having a fake e-mail address. This time, I have figured that much out. How did you find my blog? Is it because I’m linking to you? I really enjoy your blog and have for a while. (Am fixing that blog catalog problem now! :) )


  3. …and definitely make sure you’re using a fake email account which you only use for this blog. A common mistake people make is to use an email address with part or all of their name, or an address they’ve used in other forums.

    A good way to test your anonymity is to Google anything you’re worried about being used as a clue.


  4. After I was first diagnosed I went back to my high school and started telling anyone who would listen. This was back in 1989, so before the pre-Law And Order bipolar cliché. I think all I knew about the disease came from Jimi Hendrix.

    I think there’s a natural reaction for people with manic depression to want to tell everyone about the disease so there’ll be an explanation for our behaviour.

    I’m not sure I see anything wrong with telling people… there’s nothing to be ashamed of, it’s like having a cancer — but one of the ones we can recover from, or live with.

    But that’s probably a little naïve… but just a little.

    When we’re manic there’s definitely a loss or lack of control in every aspect of our lives. So if you don’t want people to know, when you get a manic you’ll probably tell someone.

    In terms of anonymity, I blog anonymously so someone isn’t asking my sisters and my mother weird questions while they wait in line at the local convenience store. But I’ve been very open in my offline life about having the “disorder”, and a lot of my friends have the URL for my blog.

    If you do want to stay anonymous definitely keep your name off this blog, as well as any place names and links to friends and other accounts you might have. So no “Amazon Wish Lists” or any links to and from your Facebook account…


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